Powdered DigestZyme™
Formulated for those with gluten and casein sensitivity. To benefit from all the nutritious components of our food,
a healthy digestive system is needed. Supplementing with
digestive enzymes is a vital part of getting cells the nutrients
they need. Once the food is broken down into simple
nutrients, the body can then assimilate these for energy,
growth, and repair. A powdered alternative to capsules, this
formula is ideal for children, the elderly, and anyone having
difficulty swallowing capsules. Powdered DigestZyme is also
a wonderful digestive formula for pets.
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Coming soon
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New & Improved Formula, Now With DPP-IV
Enzyme Blends:
Three enzyme blends work together to encourage a more complete digestion: a protease blend which includes DPP-IV to assist with the digestion of proteins, a lipase blend with 3,000 FIP of activity to assist with the digestion of fats, and a polysaccharolytic blend to assist with the digestion of sugars and starches.
Powdered Product:
Powdered DigestZyme is a unique formula and NOT the same as DigestZyme capsules.
Digestive Support:
This product provides digestive support for reduced food intolerances and relief from occasional indigestion, bloating, cramping, and gas. For occasional diarrhea or occasional heartburn, use in combination with GastroZyme.
Health Benefits: 
Transformation’s Powdered DigestZyme is a gentle formula of GI stable and functional digestive enzymes designed to safely and effectively support the digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.
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