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Synthetic versus Natural Q&A

Vitamin and Mineral Nutrients

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Synthetic versus Natural Vitamin and Mineral Nutrients

Americans prefer to take vitamin supplements rather than eat the proper nutritious fruits and vegetables every day. We have convinced ourselves or have been convinced by extensive marketing that we are getting our necessary vitamins and minerals from a pill. Our lives are busy and nutritional imbalances are not a concern until we have a condition that warrants our attention.

We all walk in the dark and each of us must learn to turn on his or her own light

Earl Nightingale​

The general public is not aware that there is significant nutritional difference between natural whole food nutrients and synthetically derived nutrients. Synthetic nutrients are grown in a laboratory by man and cannot be absorbed completely by the human cell. Synthetic versions of nutrients contain chemical compounds that were not meant for human consumption and do not occur in nature. Evolutional health has dictated that we eat the food we gather from the earth, not the food we create in a laboratory. Some companies mix synthetic with natural food nutrients and believe this is best for the end-user. Is it? The real difference is one type is far superior to the other. Let me explain why users of synthetic nutrients produce expensive urine instead of cellular health.


Let's say we make a decision to purchase a vitamin supplement and by reading the label we can see how strong it seemingly is. We might be looking for a particular vitamin we were told was good for us. Most of us believe that the higher the dosage of the nutrients the better and more value for our dollar spent. What we need to understand is that our cells are designed to only absorb a certain amount of specific nutrients. A good example is Zinc and dependent on our body size we can only absorb 3 to 5 mg in a day. Another example would be Calcium’s, which is 500 mg in a day. If we take in amounts higher than what our cell can possibly absorb our system still has the task of dealing with the excess. By creating this unnecessary toxic environment we affect other minerals such as magnesium and potassium. Our systems master design deals with this overabundance as it would any toxic waste and stresses our liver and kidney to keep our body in balance. Synthetic supplemental calcium is usually suggested for adults from 1000 to 1200 mg per day. So since we only absorb 500 mg a day there is a large amount of unusable calcium left over. This cause and effect is biochemical information that most people are not familiar with.


Another good example of body biochemistry would be the typical diuretic prescribed by many doctors for conditions ranging from high blood pressure to obesity. This medicine causes our body to flush excess body fluids through the kidney indiscriminately taking with it much of the body’s toxicity and nutrition. That is why that as a precaution they, in turn, suggest you replenish the body with time released supplemental potassium and magnesium. Once again our body is challenged to deal with the proper amounts to remain in balance. I am trying to further quantify the nutritional side effects that they can cause.


Lets further examine the reality of the differences between synthetic and natural nutritional components.

Synthetic compounds are by design mirror images of the other. The body can absorb only one image but the other needs to be eliminated as waste from the body. All vitamins are co-enzymes, which means they require enzymes to function in the human body. Enzymes can recognize only the natural food form of the mirror image. That is because our body’s system of enzymes, hormones, and receptors only recognize natural nutrients. A natural product, such as carrot or broccoli, has not only the right forms of nutrients that the body needs but also molecules that enhance the utilization of the other nutrients. A natural product has the correct formation and can be utilized by the enzymes to assure delivery to the cells.


Nutritional supplements synthesized in the laboratory can be only partially beneficial, which leaves the rest to be carried from the body as waste. This is why synthetic vitamins make rich urine. No matter what is put in the mouth, if the body cannot or does not use it, it must be dealt with as a toxin. Which nutrients would you prefer?


Nature supplied our food sources with the exact nutrients required by our cells, which work synergistically (combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects). They are unable to create a deficiency or too much of a nutrient. For instance take calcium, which if ingested in excess could cause kidney stones or bone spurs. If you or someone you love suffered a calcium oxalate kidney stone you get the picture.

Let's consider our pregnant mothers who are given large amounts of synthetic nutrients to assure their baby will get what it is needed. Really? Another seeming impossibility is our obese Americans who are suffering from malnutrition. How can that be?


We have scientific information revealing what our human cells require? As an adult w, have over 100 trillion cells. Even though the cells from our blood, muscle, organs and bone may look different they all have the same requirements. You must consume the 45 nutrients in their proper amounts or you will never achieve the healthy chemistry needed for sustaining good health.


Dr. Dick Couey, former Baylor Cell Physiologist has written a book called, “The Happy, Healthy Cell”. Chapter 20 of this book provides a review of the 45 nutrients:


  • Carbohydrates from unprocessed complex carbs
  • Fats from monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats
  • Proteins from nine amino acids and sufficient nitrogen
  • Vitamins which are co-enzymes (13 vitamins in their proper amounts)
  • Minerals which are co-factors for enzymes (19 minerals in their proper amounts)
  • Water (sufficient amounts and slightly alkaline)

Enzymes are necessary tor every chemical reaction within the cell and requires the 45 nutrients to create one hundred thousand chemicals a second for life. As we age our DNA deteriorates very quickly. Most of us refer to this as natural aging. In some individuals this means they can lose approximately 1,000 miles a day of their DNA. Dr. Couey tells us not to panic because our DNA, which is 17 inches long in our body if unwound, would stretch out to reach the sun (over 93 million miles from our earth) approximately 220 times! This deterioration reduces metabolic enzyme production, which can produce severe changes in the way our body processes vitamins and minerals, which can lead to several diseases.


Good News! This deterioration can be slowed by proper nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction in our lifestyles. I recommend taking supplement digestive enzymes, which can break down your food into the 45 nutrients if eating properly. Another choice is a supplemental natural nutrient product containing enzymes that can supply these nutrients if you are not getting them from the food you eat.


Bad News! The waste produced within the cell by the 100,000 chemical reactions a second must be reduced or eliminated daily. This waste (called lipofuscin), if allowed to accumulate, can cause a devastating effect the chemistry within the cell. This waste interferes with the transportation of the enzymes as they search for their substrates, which produces healthy metabolism. Consider again if you will, that the waste, which is produced by synthetic nutrients, needs to be eliminated by the body in addition to our natural waste within our 100 trillion cells.


All the above reasons is what drove both me and Dr. Couey to formulate a natural product that can supply our cells with the necessary nutrition. We first formulated this product in 1995. Doctors in their clinics have used it successfully since that time. We wanted to make it available to the public since there are no side effects and superior to what is in the market today. Pediatricians and doctors of Obstetrics have provided their patients with this natural nutrient product. The ingredients are from freeze-dried food powder, their nutrients and supplemental digestive enzymes all in one capsule. There are no fillers in this product we have named “ESSENTIAL 45”.



Freeze-drying is used to preserve food, the resulting product being very lightweight and long life

Freeze-drying is often reserved for materials that are heat-sensitive, such as proteins, enzymes, microorganisms and even blood plasma.

The low operating temperature of the process leads to minimal damage of these heat-sensitive products.

Freeze dried food powder contain their natural nutrients in a greater amount.

Freeze-drying allows for a greater fill for capsules

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