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Stopped Breast Feeding Now What?

Q: My baby is 6 weeks old and I just stopped breast-feeding

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Stopped Breast Feeding Now What?

Question: My baby is 6 weeks old and I just stopped breast-feeding. Formula is making him gassy and he has been throwing up a lot. While breast-feeding he had a bowel movement about 5 times a day. For the past couple days he has only made a movement once a day. He has been fussy and I don't know how to help him. I think this is happening because his body isn't used to the formula. Any advice on what I can do.

Answer: This is very typical for a baby to have this reaction when taken off of breast milk. Babies only produce digestive enzymes for their mothers breast milk and breast milk also supplies the baby with digestive enzymes. Breast milk provides over one hundred different preventative molecules that formula cannot provide. Formula is a poor substitute and you will need to find the best on the market, but they will not equal breast milk. Most are carbohydrates and added sugar for taste.

Babies’ production of carbohydrate digesting enzymes is programmed to come into affect when they are around 18 months old and they have teeth for grinding. Their ability to make the proper amount of enzymes and the balance of their probiotics allows them to better tolerate sugars at around three years of age.

Babies are meant to be breast fed up to 18 months of age. Obviously, this information is not provided to mothers at the time of the infant’s birth. In truth children's digestive system is not finished until puberty. Research shows that breast-feeding for at least seven months protects most babies from diabetes.

Now what do mothers do when they are unable to or finished breastfeeding? The best thing they can do is by supplementing their baby with those missing enzymes they cannot yet produce. It is best to give them proper formulated supplemental enzymes specific for babies’ needs.

The way accomplish healthy feeding is is to purchase organically formulated formula without genetically modified organisms. Just right before feeding the baby mix the enzymes into a bit of tepid water and feed them with a child applicator (just like the one for medicine) and shoot it in their mouth. Follow with the formula.

Probiotics may be added if needed for good bowel movements. Some babies begin to have slowed bowel movements after breast feeding and you do not want that to happen.

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